The McKiernan Family have farmed on the banks of the River Erne from 1900 in Corlismore, Co Cavan.  3rd and 4th generation McKiernans now farm on the present location. The farm consists of 160 acres of grassland of which 40 acres are rented. Pedigree beef cattle have been farmed since the 1920s. In 1941 a pedigree Hereford herd was established and today the herd includes 30 breeding females. A dairy herd of 40 cows were maintained until 1995.

In 1969, a Hereford bull, Kye Playboy was purchased for IR£1,100 Guineas at the February Society sale in the R.D.S. Playboy was the champion at that sale. He would then dominate Hereford Breeding in Ireland for the next seven or eight years. Playboy would cover up to 180 cows per annum during this period. Most of these cows would be from other breeders. He consistently sired 5 or 6 first prize-winners at society sales in the R.D.S during the same period. Today there are females in the herd with Playboy blood.

In 1971 Moatfarrell Enterprise was purchase for IR£2,100 Guineas at the February sale in the R.D.S. Enterprise was the Reserve Champion

In 1972 a pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd was started and today the herd includes 10 breeding females.

In 1973, a pedigree Simmental herd was started with a purchase from the Millbrook herd owned by John Smith and today the herd includes 10 breeding females.

In 2001, three pedigree polled Hereford heifers by Doonbiddie Hustler were purchased from David Carroll of the Udel herd. These cows now form the main part of the polled herd. Both these cows have produced females that have been National Hereford Champions of the year.

Breeding policies

Cow families have been strictly focused on since the early part of the 19th century.

In recent years muscling and smoothness of fleshing has been focused on. Animal character, overall balance and quality of hair have been a focus in all breeds for many years.

In our pedigree Hereford herd we have begun line breeding since 1999 and most calves born in the herd now have Woodview Royal and Yarram Pompeii twice in their pedigree. Line breeding is only carried out on bulls which have desired characteristics and never allowed to reach fifty percent common blood. The consistency of the calves born has greatly increased since line breeding.

In the Hereford herd we have crossed Poll and horned Herefords and have found the traits from both combined has greatly improved the quality of the cattle.

Milk traits have been focused upon in recent years and has greatly improved the 6 month weight of calves.

Farm Management

All pedigree herds are grass fed from April to November each year. Calves are creep fed with cereal feedstuffs from 3 months old. All Calves are waned from their dams at six months old. Bull calves are sold between 12 months and 18 months old.